The Final Stop on the WordCrafter “Delilah” Book Blog Tour

To wrap up the WordCrafter Delilah Book Blog Tour, I thought we’d explore the Indian characters featured in Delilah. Baby Doe Tabor isn’t the only historic character featured in the book, although Old Sugar isn’t well known. In fact, most people have probably never heard of her at all. The Ute characters were intended to be representative of the Indian population in Colorado, but somehow, they worked their way into my heart and became an integral part of the story.

The Ute Indians

The Ute Indians once roamed on lands spread over the Great Basin and central and southern mountains of Colorado, but by the 1860s, they had been split up into three amalgamated bands, the Uncompahgre, the Weenuche, and the White River band. In 1881, they began relocation of the White River an Uncompahgre Utes, following the 1879 Meeker masacre at the White River Indian Agency. Delilah’s Ute friends, Eagle Feather, Old Sugar, and Dancing Falcon are from the White River band, which were all relocated to a reservation in eastern Utah by the 1890s. When Delilah meets the Ute family, it is 1882, and they are holdouts, who resisted the relocation and lived independently, near Leadville.

Old Sugar

Old Sugar was a true to life historical person, who inspired the character of the same name, but she never lived in Leadville. Old Sugar would sit outside the general store all day and she would lash out with her knife and cut any white man who got too close to her. It seems the store keeper tried to make her leave once and she came after him, so they had little choice but to let her sit there and give her a wide berth. I had to wonder why. Why was she sitting there? Why did she hate white men enough to lash out that way? Why didn’t she gety up and move to a less populated spot? I found her to be interesting, and I just had to make her a character and move her to Leadville to make the acquaintance of Delilah. She’s not really a supporting character, but her role turned out to be larger than I imagined when I created her character.

Eagle Feather

Eagle Feather, Old Sugar’s son and Dancing Falcon’s father, originally existed only in the background as a washed up brave who had turned to the bottle as he watched everything be taken from his people, but he ends up playing an important role, when Delilah finds she needs his help to save the mine payroll and rescue his son. When I wrote Eagle Feather and Old Sugar into the story, I didn’t realize what a big role either would play. They were both intended to be interesting characaters which represented the Ute presence in Colorado at the time.

Dancing Falcon

I just love the character of Dancing Falcon. I loved writing him and I enjoy going back and reading him, which is why he easily became a supporting character right from the start. Dancing Falcon is a wise old twelve year old, who knows a lot about the goings on in Leadville and about the Ute ways. His purpose in the story is to offer Delilah guidance and fill her in on what she needs to know, but he becomes an integral part of the story. It is because of Dancing Falcon that Delilah becomes Grizzly Woman and is adopted into the Ute tribe.

An Excerpt from Delilah

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s about all for the WordCrafter Delilah Book Blog Tour. Thank you all for joining in the fun. I hope you all have picked up an interesting piece of history or found my writing and researching for this series helpful in some way. I’ve certainly enjoyed writing the posts and discussing the books and the characters with you. Remember, you can enter the giveaway at each stop for more chances to win, and if you missed a stop, you can follow the links below to stop by and check it out. I’ll be closing out the contest tomorrow, 3/24, so there may still be time to get in on it. And I’ll be announcing the winner in my post for Monday 3/27.

Delilah Tour Schedule

Mon. 3/20 – Opening Day Post– Writing to be Read/ Guest post (Baby Doe Tabor/Delilah) – The Showers of Blessings

Tues. 3/21 – Interview with author Kaye Lynne Booth / Review – Robbie’s Inspiration

Wed. 3/22 – Guest post (Big Nose Kate/Sarah) – BookPlaces

Thurs. 3/23 – Guest post (“Aunt” Clara Brown/Marta) – Roberta Writes

Fri. 3/24 – Closing Post (Ute Indians of Colorado in 1880s/Delilah Excerpt) – Writing to be Read


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About the Author

For Kaye Lynne Booth, writing is a passion. Kaye Lynne is an author with published short fiction and poetry, both online and in print, including her short story collection, Last Call and Other Short Fiction; and her paranormal mystery novella, Hidden Secrets. Kaye holds a dual M.F.A. degree in Creative Writing with emphasis in genre fiction and screenwriting, and an M.A. in publishing. Kaye Lynne is the founder of WordCrafter Quality Writing & Author Services and WordCrafter Press. She also maintains an authors’ blog and website, Writing to be Read, where she publishes content of interest in the literary world.


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Day 3 of the WordCrafter “Resurrection Mixtape” Book Blog Tour

Welcome to Day 3 of the WordCrafter Resurrection Mixtape Book Blog Tour. Today we have an audio excerpt from Resurrection Mixtape, read by the author, Jeff Bowles, and my review of this wonderfully original novel. It’s a fun read when you feel like getting outrageous.

On Day 1, I had a fun interview with author Jeff Bowles, and Day 2 featured an interesting guest post from him. For the next two days we have more guest posts and another review, so visit each stop to learn more about Jeff and his awesome novel. If you missed the first two days of the tour, be sure to stop by through the following links:

Day 1 – Interview with author Jeff Bowles – Writing to be Read

Day 2 – December 6 – Guest Post – Robbie’s Inspiration



For this tour we’re giving away 3 signed print copies of Resurrection mixtape and a $25 Amazon gift card.

To enter, just tell us the top three songs on your mixtape in the comments.

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Now let’s move forward with an audio excerpt from Chapter 1 of Resurrection Mixtape, read by author Jeff Bowles

Resurrection Mixtape Excerpt


Emily has been dead a year, but that doesn’t stop her from crashing in on her former best friend’s life in a whirlwind of mayhem, dark magic, and music. She’s been resurrected by a supernatural mixtape full of excellent but probably evil pop tunes. Amazing powers of transformation flow through her, piece-by-piece endowing her with abilities beyond anyone’s understanding. Within and without, a dark presence dwells, ready to express itself in all sorts of colorful and destructive ways. It’s all in the music, man. Press “PLAY” at your own risk.

Purchase Link:


What they’re saying on Amazon

Take the time to get a feel for the voice of this book. It’s worth it. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy meets its dark cousin with an irreverent twist. I look forward to more from this writer and if anyone makes a playlist for the mixtape I want a link. – Amanda Harris

My Review

How to describe Ressurection Mixtape, by Jeff Bowles? This book is unlike any I’ve read before. A mixture of horror and humor, supervillian fiction and pop culture guide this story into never before explored realms of storytelling. Bowles is a talented creative fiction author, and creative emphasises this, his latest novel. His unique style of storytelling makes this book an entertaining ride that readers won’t soon forget.

There is no doubt the existence and sanity of the entire world is at stake, but good guys are swept away under evil control and it’s hard to know who to root for. But one thing is certain. It’s not Emily, although even she could be seen as a victim, who didn’t ask for any of this, even if she does want to conquer the world now. It’s a wild ride fueled by a demonic mixtape, but it’s all a part of a much grander scheme which will be revealed, if not fully understood. What do these alien powers really want? What’s the true story?

Fun and entertaining, with twists and turns you won’t see coming. I give Resurrection Mixtape five quills.


Jeff Bowles is a science fiction and horror writer from the mountains of Colorado. The best of his outrageous and imaginative work can be found in God’s Body: Book One – The Fall, Godling and Other Paint Stories, Fear and Loathing in Las Cruces, and Brave New Multiverse. He has published work in magazines and anthologies like PodCastle, Tales from the Canyons of the Damned, the Threepenny Review, and Dark Moon Digest. Jeff earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing at Western State Colorado University. He currently lives in the high-altitude Pikes Peak region, where he dreams strange dreams and spends far too much time under the stars. Jeff’s new novel, Love/Madness/Demon, is available on Amazon now!


That wraps up Day 3 of WordCrafter Resurrection Mixtape Book Blog Tour. Thanks helping us in sending off Resurrection Mixtape in grand style. We’ve got more guest posts from the author and another review in the week to come, so follow the tour to learn more about Jeff Bowles and his unique and entertaining story. And don’t forget to let us know what the top three songs on your mixtape would be to enter the giveaway for a chance at one of three signed print copies and a $25 Amazon gift card.


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