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Hidden Secrets: A Paranormal Mystery Novella

Cassie wants nothing to do with the legacy her grandmother wants to hand down to her.

She doesn’t believe in all those Native American legends anyway.

She and Tony are to be married and start a family. They’re returning to her ancestral lands now to tell her grandmother to pass the tribal legacy on to someone else, along with the cursed gold that goes with it.

When she forces herself to go out on the lake where her parents drowned, she discovers the cave which holds the tribal treasure and the lake takes another life. Now Cassie must rethink all that she believes. If the treasure is real, could the curse be real, too?

Can Cassie find a way to stop it before Tony becomes the next victim?

If you love paranormal mysteries, pick up a copy of Hidden Secrets.

First printed in its entirety by Across the Margin (August 19, 2016)

Available in Digital and Print editions

Last Call and Other Short Fiction

A premium story sampler from multi-genre author Kaye Lynne Booth.

Six premium short stories by author Kaye Lynne Booth. Stories in this collection offer something for everyone, with a mixture of time travel, suspense, humor, origins and speculative fiction..

“Last Call” – (Time travel science fiction) – Things aren’t going too good for Derek and he thinks his life is over, until he stops in for a Last Call. Will a bar in the middle of nowhere turn out to be his curse or his salvation?

“Terror on the Mountain Trail” – (Suspense) – It’s a perfect spring day until Kellie and Randy are attacked by a crazed man in the wilderness. Will quick reactions save them?

Earth Mother – (Origin Story)

A Turn of the Tables – (Speculative fiction) – Are vampires really invincible? One vampire is about to find out.

A True Hero – (Humor) – Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. This one is heroic indeed.

Man of Her Dreams – (Speculative fiction) – Will what Aaron at first believes to be a curse, turn out to be a blessing? She won’t know until she finds  the man of her dreams.

A Woman’s World – (Humor) – A satyrical look at current, or past, headlines. Wouldn’t it be great if the world were ruled by women? Or would it? 

Available in Digital and Print Editions or you can get this story collection sampler free when you sign up for Kaye Lynne Booth & WordCrafter Press Readers’ Group

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in Whispers of the Past

A paranormal anthology with nine stories from seven authors, including the winning story in the 2019 WordCrafter Paranormal Short Fiction Contest, A Peaceful Life I’ve Never Known, by Jeff Bowles.

Available in Digital and Print editions

Read my story, “Don’t Eat the Pickled Eggs”

in Spirits of the West

Spirits of the west are often found in unexpected places. 

They can be found on a in a saloon in Colorado territory, on a wagon train in the plains of South Africa, or on a distant planet in another galaxy. They can be the bringers of revenge or the protectors of the weak.

Indulge yourself in eight unique paranormal stories with western spirit in Spirits of the West

Available in Digital or Print Editions

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in Where Spirits Linger

Spirits linger in strange places for unexpected reasons.

Kaye Lynne Booth’s spirits care and want to be cared for in “The People Upstairs”.

Robbie Cheadle’s spirits have unfinished business in “Listen to Instructions”.

Stevie Turner’s spirits are out for revenge in “David’s Revenge”.

Enid Holden’s spirits linger in a house with a history in “The Chosen Few”.

S.L. Kretcshmer’s spirits linger on a battle field in “The Final Portrait”.

Crysta Planko’s spirits linger in an estate long gone in the winning story, “Olde Tyme Village”.

Available in Digital and Print editions

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My Short Fiction Found Online

I Had to Do It” Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry (June 2016)