Refracted Reflections: Twisted Tales of Duality & Deception

Book Cover: Blue, smokey background with a shattered mirror with shards going off the upper righthand corner.
Text: Refracted Reflections. Twisted Tales  of Duality & Deception, Compiled and Edited by Kaye Lynne Booth

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Book Description

Refractions and Reflections…

  • A reflection can be revealing or deceptive. What stares back at you when you glance into the mirror?
  • A prison, designed to trap you and take away all that is dear to you?
  • A portal to another dimension? Another time?
  • An evil twin, luring you to the other side?
  • Your loved ones with a fond farewell?
  • A distorted version of yourself? A person you no longer even recognize?
  • A protective savior?

Do you dare to gaze into the looking glass?

Will what you see save you…, or haunt you forever?

If you liked Gilded Glass and Once Upon an Ever After, you’ll like Refracted Reflections: Tales of Duality & Deception.

The Authors

Bluish smoky background with author photos & names in foreground and a digital copy of Refracted Reflections on the left edge and a print copy on the right.
Author names: Shelly Jasperson, Ligia deWit, Elizaberth Caldwell, Valerie B. Williams, Keith J. Hoskins, Roberta Eaton Cheadle, Kaye Lynne Booth, and Avily Jerome
Text: Refracted Reflections, Twisted tales of Duality & Decption, When you look in the mirror, what stares back?

Excerpts from Refracted Reflections

“The Elevator Ritual”, by Shelly Jasperson
“The Devil Made Her Do It”, by Kaye Lynne Booth
“The Not So Perfect Prince”, by Kaye Lynne Booth