Raise the Tide, by James Richards

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Looking up river with church steeple, mountains and sunrise in background.
Text: Raise the Tide, An inspirational Collection by James Richards, Compiled and edited by Kaye Lynne Booth.

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Book Description

Jesus illustrated His teachings with common stories (parables) that His listeners could relate to and apply to their lives.  He knew that a picture, even a word picture, was worth a thousand words.  In the same way, Pastor Jim Richards uses common, everyday experiences to convey spiritual truths.  Dr. Joe Aldrich, past president of Multnomah University, where Jim attended Bible college, often said, “Get’em laughing, and while their mouths are open, shove the truth down their throats!”  In much the same way, Pastor Richards uses everyday experiences, sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, to interest people with the spiritual truths he shares in each article.  His sincerest hope is that these articles will help the reader desire to know Jesus Christ more intimately, to recognize the work God is doing in their lives, and give them a testimony to share with others for the glory of God.

About the Author

 As of 2021 he has served Copalis Community Church 29 years and is the second pastor in the 88 years since Copalis Community Church began in 1933.  Jim’s weekly TV program Raise The Tide can be seen on christiancableministries.com at 3 pm Monday; 7:30 pm Thursday; 10 am Friday; and 11:00 am Sunday (PST).  Jim’s third son Jeremy and his wife Stacy (and their 10 children) assist him in the ministry in Copalis Beach. 

Jim thanks God for the many Christian brothers and sisters who attend the church in Copalis Beach.  He also remembers and thanks God for the saints who have gone on to glory or greener pastures.  He gives special thanks to his wife Sondra who is a wonderful helper in his ministry.  He devotes this devotional book to his children and grandchildren, praying that they will follow him in his faith, believing that God rewards those who are committed to worshipping and serving Jesus Christ.