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WordCrafter Press is a one woman publishing house, publishing the works of multi-genre author, Kaye Lynne Booth and others; multiple genres of short and novel length fiction, nonfiction and poetry.

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Praise for WordCrafter Press

“Kaye Lynne Booth is an architect of literature.  This makes her more than just a writer’s writer. It makes her a champion of fine writers who might fall through the cracks of the book world.  In her own writing she explores diverse genres, from mysteries to westerns. She brings imagination and curiosity to her written journeys, deconstructing genres to see how they tick, much as a curious child might take apart a clock. She is also important due to the support she gives to writers as a promoter, editor, publisher and marketer. Kaye Lynne carries a lucky gang of writers on the hems of her skirts or in the pockets of her jeans, wherever writers can gain purchase on the flowing garments of her writing quest.”

Arthur Rosch

Feral Tenderness Author 

“A friend referred me to Kaye Lynne Booth and WordCrafter Press to help me publish my book.  I contacted her and she responded immediately.  She patiently walked me through the whole process of getting my book ready for publication, including licensing, editing, publishing and promotions.  I don’t think my book would have ever gotten published on my own, but she made the whole process work easily and seamlessly.  I’m already planning on using her for another book idea I have!” 

 James Richards

Raise the Tide Book Author and Series Host