Hidden Secrets, by Kaye Lynne Booth

Print Book Cover: lake and trees with a large American Indian face superimposed 
Text: Hidden Secrets, Kaye Lynne Booth

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Book Description

Cassie wants nothing to do with the legacy her grandmother wants to hand down to her.

She doesn’t believe in all those Native American legends anyway.

She and Tony are to be married and start a family. They’re returning to her ancestral lands now to tell her grandmother to pass the tribal legacy on to someone else, along with the cursed gold that goes with it.

When she forces herself to go out on the lake where her parents drowned, she discovers the cave which holds the tribal treasure and the lake takes another life. Now Cassie must rethink all that she believes. If the treasure is real, could the curse be real, too?

Can Cassie find a way to stop it before Tony becomes the next victim?

If you love paranormal mysteries, pick up a copy of Hidden Secrets.

Hidden Secrets on orange and blue abstract background
Text: Hidden Secrets: A Paranormal Mystery Novelette, Hidden treasure cursed by Indian legend chooses Cassie as its keeper. It doesn't offer her a choice.