You’ll think twice about water after reading “Water Hazard”

Water Hazard, by Tim Baker takes readers on a ride as wild as any water slide. When twelve year old Justin and his buddy heist a collection of CDs from a car parked in a construction area, they don’t realize what treacherous waters they are treading into. Included in the collection, are a pair of encrypted discs that contain valuable information about an illegal water pumping operation, that mean big bucks for the owners, and they will stop at nothing, including kidnapping and murder, to get them back. When the boys sell the CDs to a local music store, owner Steve Warwick and his friend Ike are plunged into the eddy, and they are determined to bring down the whole operation with a splash. It seems that the villains in this story have just been dog paddling, in an attempt to swim with the big sharks, and you’ll have to laugh as Steve and Ike outsmart the bad guys time and time again, as they slip and slide through all the loops, and watch the bad guys as they belly flop. Water Hazard is filled with back flips and cannon balls that will keep you guessing as to who will sink and who will swim, in this hilarious adventure of high jinks and intrigue.