“Flower Fairies: Portal to the Land of Fae”: A delightful introduction for young and old


Flower Fairies, by Judy Mastrangelo, is book 1 in her Portal to the Land of Fae series and a delightful introduction into their world, no matter what your age. Each page is filled with colorful images which highlight the natural world and enmesh it with the world of fantasy. Laugh with fairies and elves as they dance and play among the plants and flowers. Manstrangelo’s bright illustrations bring her well crafted descriptions to life and immerse you within the imaginary world of fea. There is no age restriction on the hearts these tiny fairy children will capture.

I’m looking forward to my next adventure into this magical land when I read the rest of the books in this series. I give Flower Fairies five quills.


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3 Comments on ““Flower Fairies: Portal to the Land of Fae”: A delightful introduction for young and old”

  1. Wonderful to see one of Judy’s books featured here, Kaye. Her illustrations are simply wonderful.

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    • Indeed they are Robbie. And illustrations are so very important when it comes to children’s books. Judy is gifted in both writing and artistic talent, which is a big plus for a children’s author. I have a start on a series for many years, but I always get hung up on the illustrations, since I can’t do them myself. It is wonderful that Judy is so talented at both. I’ll be interviewing her later this month, and I’m hoping to include further examples of her work, so watch for it.


  2. […] and colorful illustrations. I found her work to be delightful in both text and illustrations in my review of Flower Fairies, and I’ve no doubt that her stories are enjoyed by both young and […]


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