Welcome to the WordCrafter “Where Spirits Linger” Book Blog Tour

Exciting news! The 2021 WordCrafter Paranormal Anthology, Where Spirits Linger, was released today! And we’re launching a six-day blog tour to send this delightfully eerie anthology off to a great start. Each blog tour stop will feature a guest post by one of the authors about their story, and there will also be an interview of Christa Planko, author of the winning story in the 2021 WordCrafter Short Fiction Contest, “Olde-Tyme Village”. So, I hope you will stay with us and follow the tour this week to learn more about this wonderful anthology and its featured stories. Many thanks to the wonderful bloggers who have graciously agreed to host for this tour.

This is Day 1 of the WordCrafter Where Spirits Linger Book Blog Tour, so let me tell you just a little about the stories featured in this anthology and their authors. Since I published this wonderful anthology, I can’t really offer a review, but you can find a review by D.L. Mullen on her blog, Undawnted, here:  http://www.undawnted.com/2021/09/wordcrafter-blog-tour-where-spirits.html

The winning story in the 2021 WordCrafter Paranormal Short Fiction Contest was Christa Planko with her story of ghostly encounters, “Olde-Tyme Village”. Robbie Cheadle will be interviewing Christa about her winning story on Thursday on her blog, Roberta Writes.

Where Spirits Linger Authors

In Roberta Eaton Cheadle’s story, “Listen to Instructions”, a greedy man misses the message a ghost is trying to convey. You can find out more about this story in Roberta’s guest post tomorrow on, The Showers of Blessings, along with a review by Miriam Hurdle.

In my story, “The People Upstairs”, when a young girl inherits her housekeeper and long time friend’s house, she finds out that her friend may not have been crazy after all, when strange things start happening to her. You will find my guest post about the inspiration behind this story on Patty Fletcher’s Patty’s World on Wednesday.

Stevie Turner’s spirit gets his takes out his revenge from the ethereal regions in “David’s Revenge”. Her guest post will be featured on Friday on Zigler’s News along with a review by Victoria Zigler.

And on Saturday, we will finish off the tour right here, on Writing to be Read with a guest post by S.L. Kretschmer about her story, “The Final Portrait”, in which her character releases a spirit with a phantom image.

Unfortunately, Enid Holden was not able to participate in the tour and tell you about her story, “The Chosen Few”. But, I can tell you that it is a delightful paranormal charactered by some very colorful spirits whose co-existance with their home’s living inhabitants will surprise and delight you. This light and humorous story is sure to evoke a chuckle or two. I will include the excerpt from her story here.

The Chosen Few, by Enid Holden

I’m pleased with the selection of stories we eneded up with in Where Spirits Linger. We have some great contributing authors and some wonderful short stories. I hope you will stay with us and follow the tour to each blog stop to learn more about the stories within to picque your interest. Of course, I hope you buy the book, but each comment you make along the way earns an entry into a random drawing for a free digital copy of Where Spirits Linger, so you could be our next lucky winner!

You can purchase your copy of Where Spirits Linger here:

Print: https://www.amazon.com/Where-Spirits-Linger-Lynne-Booth/dp/B09DFDDB1Q

Ebook: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09GNZJVJ5


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20 Comments on “Welcome to the WordCrafter “Where Spirits Linger” Book Blog Tour”

  1. A lovely post, Kaye. I’m going over to read the review now.

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  2. DL Mullan says:

    Well, I have had some problems with not so nice people leaving comments on my social media pages for attention.

    I prefer not to have negative people ruin my site, social media, or these blog tours just to get someone’s goat. They can get their own goat. 😉

    Have a great and wonderful day!
    DL Mullan

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  3. Great post, Kaye. Here’s my post for tomorrow.

    “Where Spirits Linger” Book Blog Tour

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  4. […] hope you will stay with us and follow the tour to each blog stop to learn more about the stories within to picque your interest. Of course, I hope […]

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  5. S. L. Kretschmer says:

    Looking forward to following the Blog Tour this week!

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    • Hi Sharon, Thanks for dropping by to support the tour. I hope you will visit each stop as we learn more about each story in this delightful anthiology. Your guest post will be featured right here on “Writing to be Read” to finish up the tour on Saturday. 🙂


  6. Thanks Kaye for organising this. Sorry to be a bit late, but I’ve been on holiday.

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  7. Reblogged this on Stevie Turner and commented:
    Sorry I’m a bit ‘on the drag’ (as they say in Suffolk) as I’ve been on holiday, but here’s details of the whole ‘Where Spirits Linger’ blog tour to promote Kaye Lynne Booth’s anthology featuring paranormal short stories from Kaye, myself, Robbie Cheadle, S.L Kretschmer, Christa Planko, and Enid Holden. Thanks in advance to Victoria Zigler for agreeing to host the tour on Friday 24th September where she will be reviewing my story ‘David’s Revenge’. This is a somewhat different and also shortened version of my novella ‘Finding David’.

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