Fun Poetry Challenge: Mothers Are Special People

This is a poem I wrote about my mom back in 2010:


I miss how your smile lights up your face and makes you shine.

I miss having someone there who trusts and believes in me.

I miss your kindness, and your generosity, your willingness to share.

I miss how you always see the glass as half- full.

I miss your energy and enthusiasm.

Most of all, I miss the way your arms envelope me in a hug.

I miss you, Mom.

Do you have a mom who is, or was, pretty special? Of course you do. We all feel our moms were, or are the best mom on the planet, right? I know my mom was. She was my best friend. She was special to me.

Moms are pretty special people. They put in countless hours to care for and comfort us. They love us unconditionally, no matter how bad we mess up. And they don’t stop caring and being our moms just because we grow up and move away. Our Moms are always there for us. Yep. Moms are pretty special.

So for this poetry challenge, I want you to write a poem, in your choice of form, telling me what makes your mom so special. You can send them to me at by March 15, to be shared in a special post in honor of Mother’s Day on May 9th, 2022.

7 Comments on “Fun Poetry Challenge: Mothers Are Special People”

  1. This is a lovely idea, Kaye.

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  2. This is beautiful, Kaye! What a wonderful way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

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  3. […] while back, I put out a call for poetry about why you think your mother is special. I wanted to do a special tribute to all mothers on […]

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