Jeff Bowles and “Wilding of the Painted World” in Visions


Thanks to contributing author Joseph Carrabis giving us a taste of the stories in the new Visions anthology from WordCrafter Press. Follow the link to learn more.

Pre-order now:

3 Comments on “Jeff Bowles and “Wilding of the Painted World” in Visions”

  1. Hi Kaye, I am unable to log into Joseph’s site for some reason. This was a fascinating read. I had no idea about Jeff’s history of mental illness. I am very interested in reading this story he created as part of his healing.

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    • I would contact Joseph and ask what to do, Robbie, because I’m clueless at this point. Jeff’s post is very candid and revealing, and his story is quite layered for short fiction. I’m sure you will enjoy it. 🙂


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