Day 2 of the WordCrafter “Lingering Spirit Whispers” Book Blog Tour: Interview with author Kaye Lynne Booth

Lingering Spirit Whispers Book Blog Tour

Welcome to Day #2 of the WordCrafter Lingering Spirit Whispers Book Blog Tour, where we are celebrating the December 1st release of the Lingering Spirit Whispers paranormal anthology set. This unique collection of ghosties galore is a must read for all lovers of paranormal fiction. Available for pre-order now.

Lingering Spirit Whispers

We’re hanging out over at Un dawnted, where D.L. Mullen is interviewing contributing authors from the anthologies included in this set, and today’s author guest is… um… me! Kaye Lynne Booth. I have one story featured in each anthology. Un dawnted has no commenting capabilities, so please leave any comments you might have about the interview here, on Writing to be Read.

Kaye Lynne Booth lives, works, and plays in the mountains of Colorado. With a dual emphasis M.F.A. in Creative Writing, writing is more than a passion. It’s a way of life. She’s a multi-genre author, who finds inspiration from the nature around her, and her love of the old west, and other odd and quirky things which might surprise you.

She has short stories featured in the following anthologies: The Collapsar Directive (“If You’re Happy and You Know It”); Relationship Add Vice (“The Devil Made Her Do It”); Nightmareland (“The Haunting in Carol’s Woods”); Whispers of the Past (“The Woman in the Water”); Spirits of the West (“Don’t Eat the Pickled Eggs”) and Where Spirits Linger (“The People Upstairs”). Her western, Delilah, her paranormal mystery novella, Hidden Secrets, and her short story collection, Last Call, are all available in both digital and print editions.

In her spare time, she keeps up her author’s blog, Writing to be Read, where she posts reflections on her own writing, author interviews and book reviews, along with writing tips and inspirational posts from fellow writers. She’s also the founder of WordCrafter Enterprises. In addition to creating her own imprint in WordCrafter Press, she offers quality author services, such as editing, social media & book promotion.

In Whispers of the Past, my story is “The Woman in the Water”.

In Spirits of the West, my story is “Don’t Eat the Pickled Eggs”.

In Where Spirits Linger, my story is “The People Upstairs”.

You can pop over and join us for my interview with D.L. Mullen here:


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6 Comments on “Day 2 of the WordCrafter “Lingering Spirit Whispers” Book Blog Tour: Interview with author Kaye Lynne Booth”

  1. Karen W Brown says:

    Kaye is an excellent writer! I can’t wait to read the new books.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Karen. Great to see you here. I hope you enjoy this new paranormal anthology set. It’s available for preorder now and will officially release tomorrow. There are stories from some really great authors featured.


  2. Hi Kaye, I can’t find the link to Dawn’s post here so I’m including it in my comment here: I enjoyed your interview very much, especially your thoughts about writing horror and paranormal stories. You mentioned The Shining which is see as a paranormal book as opposed to Salem’s Lot which is more horror to me. I think the two genres are closely linked. I also read The Shining at a young age and couldn’t sleep. I have read all your short stories and loved them all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Robbie. You couldn’t find the link because I didn’t get it until almost noon. This tour set up for the interviews is not ideal. I was trying something new since Undawnted is unable to take comments, but I hated to turn down Dawn’s generous offer to do the interviews. The link is there now. Hopefully, readers won’t mind giving that extra click to go over and read the interviews.

      I’m so glad to hear that you love all of my stories. Anyone who buys the set, will get to read all three too. 🙂

      Thanks for adding the link here until I could get it up.

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    • DL Mullan says:

      Thanks, Robbie.

      Everything’s perfectly fine. If you would like to add any of these interviews to your site and provide the link back to Kaye and mine’s original articles, that would be much obliged.

      Unfortunately, as Kaye has mentioned, I cannot have an open comments section. I am a journalist in addition to being a creative writer, and when I inform others of what knowledge they are lacking in a particular area or topic, some follow me home… so to speak. I not only receive unacceptable remarks in public comment sections but also in my private messages. I would hate for those types of unstable personalities to harm an author’s interview or a book’s review.

      I have open comments on social media where people like that can be flagged and reported, but not my website where some would feel untethered even more so by their unhinged behavior.

      It’s really getting weird out there.

      And don’t worry, the technical glitch that led to the swap is being compensated for and Robbie’s interview will be published tomorrow (Thursday). I guess the universe wanted to amuse itself. All in good fun.

      Why not have some fun with it? 😉 Speaking of fun, please sign up for the Book Event that follows these interviews:

      Have a great and wonderful day!

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      • Thanks Dawn. I’m looking forward to Robbie’s interview. Also, I plan to post the link for your event on Friday’s post, along with links to all of your wonderful interviews for anyone who might have missed them here. We appreciate your contributions to the Lingering Spirit Whispers tour. 🙂


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