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This year, for Memorial Day, WordCrafter Press is offering up a free digital copy of my paranormal mystery novella, Hidden Secrets. (This book is not available in digital format on Amazon, but the Books2Read link above will allow you to purchase from most of the other digital book distributors.) It’s my gift to you, just because you are my readers. I do hope you will click on the link and get your free digital copy today.

Thank you for being my readers!

About the Book

By Author Kaye Lynne Booth

Cassie is nervous about her return to her ancestral lands with her boyfriend Tony for more reasons than one. She hasn’t been up in these mountains since the unexplained drowning of her parents. And her parents aren’t the only ones who have died or mysteriously disappeared in the area. Cassie doesn’t really believe the old legends passed down from her Native American ancestors, but she harbors no desire to become the keeper of her tribal legacy or the protector of the gold that goes with it. In fact, she plans to tell her Grandmother to pass the legacy to someone else, perhaps her cousin Miranda, who has been searching for the treasure for years. Cassie wants nothing to do with it now that she carries Tony’s baby in her womb.When Cassie forces herself to go out on the lake that took the lives of her parents and she discovers a cave which holds the treasure of her people, she must admit that the legacy is real, which means the curse that guards the treasure and threatens the males of her tribe must also be real. When Miranda’s boyfriend, Jake disappears on the lake, Cassie must find a way to stop the curse, before Tony becomes the next victim.


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