“Heroes Call” is the grand finale of the “Demon Hunter Saga”

Demon Hunter: Saga, by Cynthia Vespia

Dark fiction fans who have found pleasure in the first two books of the Demon Hunter: Saga, by Cynthia Vespia, will surely enjoy Heroes Call, the third and final book. Costa Calebrese questions who he is in The Chosen One and he learns his lessons as he faces evil foes of supernatural origin. In Seek and Destroy, the lessons learned involve true love and the battles are even tougher. In Heroes Call, Costa once again finds himself with doubts about his path in life. Once again he is called to the aide of those that he cares for, but when he thinks that he has lost everything, he doubts not only his calling, but his own abilities. He begins to make a new life, only to discover that his old life will not be left unresolved. The opponent he faces this time may not be beaten with fighting skill alone, and he must rediscover his faith in himself and who he is to win. The lesson he must learn this time may be the hardest lesson of all. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading Vespia’s books, all three may be purchased together as Demon Hunter: Saga at Amazon:

It’s Up to You, the Reader

New Years is almost here and what writer doesn’t include in their list of resolutions a resolve to improve their writing? In 2010, I had the privilege of reviewing many truly good reads, by some really awesome authors. With 2011 just around the corner, I thought it might be beneficial to take a look at those reviews to see what worked and what didn’t. The only problem is I don’t really have an unbiased opinion, so I thought that I’d leave it up to you. So, here are links to twenty-two book reviews, both here and on the Southern Colorado Literature Examiner. Please take a look at them, if you haven’t already,  and then vote for the ones that you think are the best in the comments section. You can choose more than one, but please include a brief explanation as to why you liked each particular review, or why you didn’t, so that I can identify areas that might need some work. If you read the book, do you agree or disagree with my review? I will approve all comments as long as they are not downright nasty. Next week I will publish a list of the top reviews, according to you, the readers. I couldn’t do it without you.

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“The Last Lie”: a perplexing tale that will keep readers guessing

“Why Did This Happen to Me, Aunt Lou?” Inspires and Delights  

“Killing the Cobra” is packed with action

“The Midnight Ride of Blackwell Station” is delightfully entertaining for all ages

“The Secret to Lying” holds the key to more than one secret

“Raw Edges: A Memoir”: a journey of self discovery and revelation

“Star in the Forest”, a glimpse of reality through a young girl’s eyes

Pamela Clare brings another sizzling romance in, “Naked Edge”

“The Spirit Lens”, a spellbinding tale that will captivate readers

“From the Spleen of Fiery Dragons”, by Mishka Zacharin  

From the Old Blog to the New – Reviews of “Demon Hunter: The Chosen One” and “Demon Hunter: Seek and Destroy”

“The Fishing Trip: A Ghost Story”, by Chris Keys  

“Beneath the Mask of Holiness” depicts the human side of Thomas Merton

“The Secret of Everything” is an absolute must read