WordCrafter Mother’s Day Sale: Delilah

Pink background with pink flowers and Delilah on a digital device.
Text: Moms love strong female protagonists, WordCrafter Press Mother's Day Sale, May 8 - May 14, Click on the link below to Make your mom happy for only $4.99, Deliah A Great Gift for Mother's Day

Purchase Link: https://books2read.com/DelilahWIW

Moms love strong female protagonists

Delilah is a woman haunted by her past.

Her homecoming from prison quickly turns into a quest for vengeance when she is brutally raped and left for dead, and her fourteen-year-old ward is abducted. Sheer will and determination take this tough and gritty heroine up against wild beasts of the forest, Indians and outlaws to Leadville, Colorado.

Can the colorful inhabitants of the Colorado mining town work their way into Delilah’s heart, offering a chance for a future she thought she’d lost along with her innocence?

If you like strong and capable female protagonists, you’ll love

Learn more about Deliah and the Women in the West Adventure Series here: https://writingtoberead.com/wordcrafter-quality-writing-author-services/wordcrafter-press/women-in-the-west-adventure-series/

7 Comments on “WordCrafter Mother’s Day Sale: Delilah”

  1. Staci Troilo says:

    Moms do love strong heroines. (Probably because that’s what many of them are.) Best wishes with your sale, Kaye.

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  2. I’m about to start Delilah (maybe one more week)–I can’t wait. Maybe reading it will be my MD gift to myself.

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  3. A great idea to promote Delilah for Mothers Day, Kaye

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