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Being a newly published author is a big deal. At least it is to me. Now that I have a book to promote, that’s where I’ve been spending a lot of my time. After all, I want to send my book off right. So, for the past few weeks, that’s all you’ve heard from me, talk about Delilah.

I’ve learned that promoting my book is even more work than I had anticipated, which is not to say that I’m not relishing every bit of it, even though I moan and groan about most marketing activities. I’ve promoted my heart out, appealed to readers for reviews, applied for a Goodreads author page, (next, I have to figure out how to do the same on Amazon), contacted people about release parties, and I’m doing an author interview with Dan Alatorre.

You can read my author profile, which includes that interview on Dan’s blog today, so I hope you all will check it out. You can read my author profile here. And don’t forget stop in here and read my interview with Dan, which will be posted here on Writing to be Read next Monday.

3 Comments on “Spreading the News”

  1. Hi Kaye Lynne, I’m going to buy Delilah as soon as I get my wifi able to get it! I’ve been living on our sailboat in Colombia and am revising the novel I plan to publish. I’m going to be in your shoes soon…marketing! Susi


    • It is a much bigger portion of the book process than I’d imagined. I guess I envisioned the old days where you got a publisher, preferably one of the big five, and they did the rest while you got a nice advance and then sat back and collect royalties. Of course, things have changed and it’s seldom like that, if it ever was. But, I love to write and I want it to be read, so I will do whatever it takes to make that happen.
      Good luck with your novel. Look me up if you need an editor. Your comments are appreciated. Thank you.


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