“Whispering Death” is an Action Packed Thriller of fair quality


If you took the wild ride of Lost Voyage and loved it, then you’ll be happy to join in on the antics of NESA operatives, Sean Mercer and Pat Vigil, as they uncover a plot and race to stop an egotistical madman, who happens to be the kingpin of a huge pharmaceutical company, from unleashing a new drug resistant strain of TB on the world, for his own materialistic profit in Whispering Death, by California author, Chris Tucker.

While their boyish antics are entertaining, Sean Mercer and Pat Vigil are characters we’d like to know more about. For instance, how can they always be joking, even in the face of death? And how can they be so confident that they will always come out unscathed? It almost seems as if they are secret super heroes, carrying out almost super-human feats, and we just haven’t been let in on the secret.

This story has a good plot line, but execution of the story is lacking. It should be an action-packed thriller, which keeps readers on the edges of their seats and anxious to turn pages, but without continuous POV, we don’t stay with any one character long enough to feel the tension that we know should be there.

I give Whispering Death 2 Quills:             Two Quills3

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