Book Review: Witch of Edge Hill mysteries box set

About the Book

Every town has its secrets, but no one has a secret like hers.

Amber Blackwood, lifelong resident of Edgehill, Oregon, has earned a reputation for being a semi-reclusive odd duck. Her store The Quirky Whisker is full of curiosities, from extremely potent sleepy teas and ever-burning candles to kids’ toys that seem to run endlessly without the aid of batteries.

The people of Edgehill think of the Quirky Whisker as an integral part of their feline-obsessed town, but most give Amber herself a wide berth. Amber prefers it that way; it keeps her secret safe. But that secret is thrown into jeopardy when Amber’s friend Melanie is found dead, a vial of headache tonic from Amber’s store clutched in her hand in Book 1: Pawsitively Poisonous.

The box set includes Books 1-3 of the Witch of Edgehill mystery series:

  • Pawsitively Poisonous
  • Pawsitively Cursed
  • Pawsitively Secretive

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My Review

The Witch of Edgehill mysteries box set, by Melissa Erin Jackson, includes the first three books in The Witch of Edgehill mystery series: Pawsitively Poisoness, Pawsitively Cursed, and Pawsitively Secretive. I listened to the audio book, narrated by Victoria Villareal. All three books take place in Edgehill, a quirky little cat loving town, where the residents really love their cats.

Ms. Jackson is clever with her cat names, which appear on streets and businesses around town. Ms. Villareal masters a full cast of characters with talent and skill, giving each a distinct voice and bringing the whole town to life. I was glad to have purchased the box set, because after the first book, I was not ready to let go of the characters in this quirky little town.

All three mysteries are well crafted and keep readers guessing until all secrets are revealed. In Pawsitively Poisonous, Amber Blackwood must discover who killed her best friend and why. In Pawsitively Cursed she must discover who the cursed Penhallow witch that is stalking her is, what they want, and how to stop them. And, in Pawsitively Secretive, the mayor’s daughter disappears in the night, but there is more there than meets the eye, and it’s up to Amber to uncover the many secrets which some would prefer to keep hidden.

These books are fun to listen to, and Victoria Villarreal does a fantastic job of bringing a full cast of characters to life, giving each one a distinctive voice throughout the story. By the time the set was finished, all of these characters seemed very real to me, and I felt like I wouldn’t mind spending more time with them in the delightfully quirky world which Ms. Jackson has created.

Fun, and quirky, and definitely entertaining. I give The Witch of Edgehill mysteries box set 1-3 five quills.


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