Stopping by my blog today is author Ellie Raine!

Learn more about the NecroSeam universe and the Grimmish language of Ellie Raine, for Day #6 of the WordCrafter “Willow of Ashes” Book Blog Tour on Barbara Spencer’s lovely blog, “Pictures from the Kitchen Window”. Drop by and join in the conversation.

Pictures From The Kitchen Window

“My goodness, what a difference a few weeks make. Stepping into the world of blog tours is like bungee jumping when you don’t know the first name of the instructor and only met him two seconds before – definitely a dive into perilous waters.”

My guest, Ellie Raine, is a young novelist who is currently taking readers of fantasy by storm. Not only does she write about things that might go bump in the night but she is very good at it. And on reading her bio, I realised she and I only share one thing in common – our love of Terry Prachett. Other than that she is young, reads Rachel Aaron, Brandon Sanderson and Douglas Hulick, and originally set out to create a computer game. In all honesty, she shares far more with my granddaughter who has just given up on her attempt to create a graphic novel…

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  1. Hope lots of people take the trouble to check in on Amazon and take a peek.

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