Only the Killer Knows Who is “Chosen to Die”

Chosen to Die

 In Chosen to Die, by Lisa Jackson, Detective Regan Pescoli has been following every lead in order to reveal the identity of a serial killer who prays on young women traveling through Montana wilderness, disabling them, gaining their trust, and eventually leaving them to die in the deathly cold of winter. The killer leaves a cryptic message, revealed one letter at a time with each victim. Jackson crafts her tale to masterfully mount the suspense as each new piece to the puzzle falls into place until the killer’s identity is finally revealed.

The stakes are raised and the clock is ticking, when Pescoli discovers she’s been chosen to die and the hunter becomes the hunted. She must find a way to save herself and bring the fiend to justice before he chooses to do away with her. Nick Santana, the man she’s been dating, will stop at nothing to find her. Detective Selena Alverez is also determined to figure out who the killer is and find her partner before it’s too late, but the clock is ticking and no one but the killer knows when Pescoli’s time will be up as the body count rises.

I give Chosen to Die four quills.               Four Quills3


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