“The Road Has Eyes” takes readers on a unique and entertaining journey



The Road Has Eyes – A Relationship, An RV and A Wild Ride Through Indian Country by Art Rosch is much more than a travel journal. It’s a memoir of a journey, both physical and spiritual, across country and into a new and different way of life. It begins in a relic RV that got them where they were headed, amidst mega doses of anxiety, then moves into a more modern RV that brings them back across the country to settle in to a new, downsized way of life. Along the way, readers get to know the author and his quirky companion, who traces her Native American heritage and links psychically with feral cats and other animals.

The tale is obviously told from an honest and heartfelt perspective, with a relaxed tone that’s easy to read. Rosch’s down to earth sensibilities and ability to see the humor in things, including himself, make this commentary on humanity a fun and amusing read. I found this book to be very entertaining, evoking more than a few chuckles as the pages turned. I can’t wait to start reading another of Rosch’s books, Confessions of an Honest Man. Check back here for my review on that one. I give The Road Has Eyes – A Relationship, An RV and A Wild Ride Through Indian Country four quills.

 Four Quills3

4 Comments on ““The Road Has Eyes” takes readers on a unique and entertaining journey”

  1. artrosch says:

    Thanks, KL, for the good review. I’ve been feeling invisible. I was so pleased to read your perceptive take on my goofy memoir.


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