Past and Present come together to tell the story of “Escape from Witchwood Hollow”


I can’t be sure of the accuracy of some of the historical details and there were a number of typos which were slightly distracting from the story. Other than that, I found Escape from Witchwood Hollow, by Jordan Elizabeth, to be a carefully crafted tale, which braids together multiple time periods with skill and talent. Escape from Witchwood Hollow is a highly entertaining YA novel, that will charm and captivate readers, both young and old.

The legend of Witchwood Hollow begins in the 1600’s, when an English noblewoman is run out of town, accused of being a witch, and she hides in the surrounding woods. To avoid detection, she places a spell on the hollow where she chooses to make her home. Those who enter the hollow, never return and the legend grows.

Jordan Elizabeth inter-weaves the story of the noblewoman with the stories of two other young women, Abertine from the 1800’s and Honoria, a young woman of modern times, into an intricate pattern that fits into the bigger legend in a way that makes her tale easy to follow and fascinating to unfold. Each young woman is connected with the legend, each in her own way, but it seems that Honoria holds the key. But, Honoria has her own ghosts to deal with, when she is left an orphan following the attacks on the World Trade Centers.

I give Escape from Witchwood Hollow four quills.
Four Quills3

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