The “5820 Diaries”, by Chris Tucker brings the undead to Colorado

The 5820 Diaries, by Chris Tucker, start out with classic zombie horror. In volume 1, One Shot One Kill, Payden Browning is just a young guy on a date with his girl when the streets of Denver are suddenly invaded by zombies. One minute he and Katie are enjoying a zombie crawl on Larimer Street, and the next, real zombies start taking chunks out of the participants, turning fake zombies and spectators into real zombies, as well.

One Shot One Kill

In volume 2, Sanity’s Edge, a few short weeks after the zombie invasion, it seems world has been transformed into a barren landscape of walking dead. Payden Browning takes up with another survivor, looking for his daughter, but before they can find her, his new friend is bitten and… well… You know this can’t end well, right?

Sanity's Edge

In volume 3, Flood of Souls, the zombies take on a new twist – speed, creating a bit more of a challenge than the slow-moving flesh eaters pose. There’s a new threat around every corner. Just trying to survive, himself, Payden Browning seems to have a knack for taking on responsibilities he didn’t ask for and forming attachments that force him to make some very difficult choices.

Flood of Souls

The post-zombie world is hard and cruel, changing survivors in unexpected ways and zombies aren’t the only threat to survival. Payden Browning learns this lesson first-hand in Volume 4, Infected, when he considers joining forces with a group of survivors that have taken refuge in a huge Costco warehouse. He finds himself once again taking responsibilities that he didn’t ask for, but can’t seem to walk away from, when he realizes all is not as it seems within the group. Payden believes that all hope for a return to something akin to normalcy is too much to hope for in this zombie infested world is beyond hope, until he meets a woman in the group who makes him believe that anything is possible.


Each volume of the 5280 Diaries tells a small piece of the story. Tucker threads the tale in each volume within the bigger story chronologically, weaving a tale that captivates readers and should thrill Colorado zombie fans. By locating his zombie-fest in Denver, he creates a world easily visualized, building a post-zombie world on familiar territory to many Coloradans.

Chris Tucker

In addition to the 5280 Diaries, Chris Tucker is the author of a fast-paced action novel, Lost Voyage. I look forward to watching this new author evolve as develops his skills more with each story that springs forth from his creative imagination.

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  1. nesaauthor says:

    Thank you so much, Kaye! I greatly appreciate it and appreciate you for being a fan.

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    Thniikng like that shows an expert’s touch


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