A new “Writing to be Read” is coming

Red Quill

My latest graduate class through Western State Colorado University dealt with the business end of writing. You know, agents, editors, contracts and, due to a plethora of changes in the publishing industry, brought on by the rapid rise of digital media and the resulting increase in the popularity of the self-publishing realm, marketing. Writing is a business and you must treat it as one, whether you opt to go for a traditional publisher or to self-publish, or to go with some type of hybrid publishing house, (and they’re out there).

The rise in self-published authors, who do all of their own marketing, (and get to maintain copyright and control of title and cover, as well as content. All while claiming a bigger percentage in royalties than traditional publishing offers and requiring less time lapse before publication), has triggered a trend with traditional publishers to utilize the marketing power of their authors, as well. So regardless of which method of having their work published writers choose, they’re going to need to understand marketing strategies and techniques in order to sell their work.

Writers must have a way for readers to find them, and in the digital world we live in today, that means they need a strong writer’s platform, or following. To get that a writer needs a blog or website where that following can grow and a strong social media presence, because that is where you gain fans or readers.

What all this means, is that it is time for Writing to be Read to get a makeover. So for a while, if you pop in here, there won’t be much happening. If you’re a subscriber already, you will receive an e-mail notification when my next post comes up, and that will be the first post for the renewed Writing to be Read site. If you aren’t subscribed, I hope you will do so in anticipation of what’s to come on the renewed site. There are several promises in store.

The renewed Writing to be Read will still feature book reviews and author profiles from time to time, but it will also feature blog posts which update readers as how the tides are flowing in my writing processes as I revise two very different novels, (one western – Delilah, and one epic science fantasy – Playground for the Gods), and maintain my freelance career simultaneously. I’ll share with readers my trials and obstacles, as well as tidbits I learn along the way. So I hope you’ll join me in my writing journeys and benefit from whatever you find useful. Please be patient, knowing that I will be posting again soon and the renewed site is going to be great. Good things will come to those who wait. I won’t keep you waiting too much longer. Thank you for hanging in there with me, and my apologies for any inconvenience.

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