Catching Up

Again, it’s been awhile since I posted here, but when I catch you up on all that’s been keeping me away, hopefully I’ll be forgiven, or at least excused.
In February, I quit my day job to venture out into the world as a full-time freelance writer/editor. So far, it’s slow going, but it’s been keeping me busy.
Of course, I’m also still seeking my M.F.A,. in Creative Writing. Spring class just ended and now I’m preparing for my summer residency in Gunnison. I’ve got the tuition covered and the new laptop that I’ll need to take with me, but I still have to get there. So, I’m trying to raise money for travel expenses, (gas, food and lodging) through a fund-raising campaign. And you, my faithful readers can help, by making a small donation if you like. I get to keep the money raised, even if I don’t raise the entire amount of my goal, so even small donations are appreciated. If you’d like to help, the site is here:
I promise I’ll try to post here more often. I miss Writing to be Read. I think some of you might, too.

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