Writing to be Read expands its horizons

I have exciting news. Writing to be Read is now an official host for Full Moon Bites Blog Book Tours. (You’ll notice the new FMB fan button in the right hand column.) For now I will just be featuring review spots for FMB, but who knows what the future may hold. Full Moon Bites offers a full selection of touring spotlights, including guest posts, giveaways, author or character interviews and spotlights.
To begin, I have accepted three tours, so Writing to be Read fans can look forward to reviews of The Devouring: Kavachis Rise, by Mike Kearby, (September 29), Bone Wires, by Michael Shean, (October 5), Chasing the Trickster, by April Grey, (November 18). I think this new direction for Writing to be Read will be a good fit. What matters most is that my readers like it, so I hope you will all stop by on the tour dates and check it out. Please leave comments to let me know what you think of the FMB format on Writing to be Read.

2 Comments on “Writing to be Read expands its horizons”

  1. Hey, thanks for having me on as one of your first three tour reviews! I’m looking forward to it – and I see from your list that I’m in excellent company. I look forward to seeing what you think about Bone Wires!


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