“The Green Lamp” sheds a light of a different color

The Russian flavor in Mishka Zakharin’s The Green Lamp makes this collection of short stories, parodies, poetry and plays delightfully different. The poetic plays are true tragic comedies, (or comic tragedies), reminiscent of the work of Samuel Beckett and other Dada playwrights from the era of the Theatre of the Absurd. In fact, much of Zakharin’s humor has a hint of the surreal, with just a pinch of slapstick thrown in for good measure. Fans of Crime & Punishment and Anna Karina will find it impossible not to chuckle, as one reads Zakharin’s parodies of these classic Russian tales. His poetry, too, is oddly fascinating, although I never have understood Zakharin’s apparent preoccupation with spleens, which presents itself in the poetry here, as well as in his previous book of poetry, From The Spleen of Fiery Dragons. The Green Lamp (not to be confused with The Green Lantern), may be purchased on Amazon or on Mishka’s website. I recommend that you get your copy of this unique collection today.

One Comment on ““The Green Lamp” sheds a light of a different color”

  1. Laurel Becker says:

    Thank you for the excellent review, Kaye.


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