Blind Fortune captures the reader’s heart

Blind Fortune, by Joanna Waugh is a most engaging historical romance set in 19th Century England. Within the first few pages, Waugh captivated me. I had to read more. Blind from birth, Lady Fortuna Morley has been schooled in all of the proprieties of the bourgeois society, but shielded from most social interactions that would put them to practice. Fueled by the work of Mary Wollstonecraft, Fortuna views men as stifling and condescending, and she loathes the fact that she is forced to be dependent on others. When she learns of her younger cousin, Juliana’s ambitions to marry the Marquess de Granville, Fortuna is convinced that it is a road that will only lead her cousin into a life of seclusion and dependence, and she is determined to deter the union.
Waugh does a wonderful job of leading the reader through the eyes of a woman who has never seen a sunset, and she allows readers to share in Fortuna’s joys and frustrations. As a battle of wills unfolds between she and Lord Granville over his marriage to her cousin, her propriety is put to the test. Both she and the gentleman discover that their adversary is not the person that was at first apparent and, in a turn of events that is most unexpected, Fortuna finds herself longing for something that she never thought she would desire and that she is certain she can never possess. I highly recommend Blind Fortune.
Blind Fortune can be purchased on Indie Bound, Barnes & Noble, All Romance, Elora’s Cave and Amazon. Links to these outlets can also be found on Joanna’s website.

2 Comments on “Blind Fortune captures the reader’s heart”

  1. Joanna Waugh says:

    Thanks so much for the glowing review, Kaye! BLIND FORTUNE was a book of the heart. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!


  2. Patricia Lacko says:

    Dear Joanna Waugh
    I just finished your book Blind Fortune and I must tell you, I loved it.
    It was funny and sad and elating. I was so glad it ended the way you wrote it.
    Hopefully you’ll have more beautiful books coming.
    Thank you for such a beautiful book.
    Pat Lacko


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