“No Good Deed” Keeps Readers Guessing

A large sum of mob money is suddenly up for grabs in “No Good   Deed”, by Tim Baker. Nobody knows where it is, but everyone is trying to find it. A betrayed girlfriend whose looking for answers, two wise guys who haven’t got a clue, a grounds maintenance worker out for a piece of the big pie, and a guy who is down on his luck and sees an opportunity to turn his life around are thrown together by some unanticipated circumstances. No one is who or what they seem to be and wrong assumptions lead to mayhem in a race to get the cash. Kurt is looking for a respectable life and someone to share it with, but what he gets is trouble around every turn. Candy is looking for answers as to why her boyfriend would plan a new life that didn’t seem to include her, unwittingly placing her own life in danger. Al is looking to regain the life that he lost any way that he can. Howard is just looking for some easy money, but unknowingly sets all of them up for an enormous fall. Not until the battle is over, will readers know who will come out on top, and who won’t come out at all. “No Good Deed” is a truly entertaining story that will keep readers turning the pages just to find out what will happen next.

4 Comments on ““No Good Deed” Keeps Readers Guessing”

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