Get wrapped up in Tim Baker’s “Pump It Up”

I am privileged to be able to do the first review on Tim Baker’s soon to be released, Pump It Up. This fast moving story about the underground world of black market cosmetic enhancement draws readers in quickly and doesn’t let go. A cover up of an accidental death, a kidnapping, a car chase and two attempted murders … and that’s just in the first three chapters. Fans of Baker’s books know well his tough guy protagonist, Ike and new readers can’t help but like this ex-SEAL with a passion for doing the right thing, but doing it his own way. Ike and his friends are out to get the bad guys once again after their underground silicone injection business goes terribly wrong, resulting in the deaths of three innocent people. When the police are ineffective in their response to the reported crimes, Ike takes matters into his own hands and sets out to set the villains up for a fall. The stakes are raised as their plan unfolds and they discover that they aren’t the only ones out to get the silicone injecting criminals. Things don’t go as planned, forcing Ike and his friends to improvise, and placing them in some precarious and hilarious situations. They race to take down the silicone pumping “doctor” before his transgender ex-“girlfriend” or his money-grubbing cronies can get to him first. This is a fun read that you won’t want to put down until you’ve turned the last page. Pump It Up is sure to please everyone but the bad guys.