“The Demon Is In the Details”

The Demon is in the Details, by Harris Channing, is a fast-moving paranormal romance. As part of The Immortal Protector series, Zane has been charged with the task of killing demons of all forms and protecting Stella, even at the cost of his own existence. A story of horrific childhood haunts Stella, but when she returns to scene of her years of abuse to face her fears, she discovers that she’s been blocking out many of the memories. Her abusive aunt wasn’t just crazy, but truly evil, bargaining with her niece’s soul to secure her own power and a promise of immortality. Now her aunt may be reaching from beyond the grave to finish what she started and calling up a hoard of demons to aid her in her quest. Together, Zane and Stella battle the demons of hell with lethal ferocity, but they aren’t strong enough to fight the draw of the love growing between them. When her therapist, who she believes she is in love with, shows up, things get really complicated. He learns that her memories were not a part of a psychosis and now his own life and soul are on the line, dependent on Stella and Zane’s triumph over an evil that is very real. The Demon is in the Details may not be your typical romance, but the supernatural action will keep the pages turning until the very end.