September Blues

Michael Daniel Lee Booth

September is always a difficult time of year for me. My son, Michael, died in September, two weeks after his nineteenth birthday, so the entire month is filled with thoughts of him, making it not a very happy month for me. I think about the times we had, and the ones we didn’t get to have. I imagine the man he never had the chance to grow into. It has been twelve years since he’s been gone and I’d like to share a poem that I wrote to him back then, a poem that still holds true today. I still miss him so much.

Just One More Time

Just one more time to hug you close.

Just one more time to see your smile.

Just one more time to touch your face.

Just one more time to feel your style.

Just one more time to breathe the scent of your cologne,

Even though it always made me sneeze.

Just one more chance to beg you

To stay and never leave me, please.

Just one more time to hear your voice.

Just one more time to know you’re there.

Just one more time to share a song.

Just one more time to tousle your curly hair.

Just one more time to say, “I love you”

And look into your eyes.

Just one more chance to say how much you mean.

Just one chance to say good-bye.


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We Miss You

Two years ago today
You left us in this place
To carry on without you
Never again to see your face

You left all of those who loved you
We all miss you every day
We see you now in pictures
And wish that you had stayed

She was just one girl of many
And we know you loved her so
We know she hurt you terribly
But you didn’t have to go

We could have helped you work through
All the pain she caused for you
You built your world around her
And felt no one else would ever do

We wish you’d given us the chance
To help ease your suffering then
To comfort your poor wounded soul
And prove that it could mend

You’re in our thoughts each and every day
We long to hold you once again
You were our cherished son and you
Were much too young for life to end

Beloved Son

Michael Daniel Lee Booth