You’d have to be crazy to want this “Dream Job”


Dream Job: Wacky Adventures of an HR Manager, by Janet Garber, is a quirky romance with a light  rhythm which readers fall into easily, moving the story along at a mellow clip. Although at times the dialog seems a bit stilted, Garber’s characters are just peculiar enough to make it work.


Melie Khol is great at solving everyone’s problems except her own, holding others off at a distance. Her “dream job” is really more of a nightmare – dealing with disgruntled employees, investigating allegations of bad behavior in the office, and disciplining culprits of the worst offenses. Melie handles all the unlikely events that occur in her wacky workplace as if they were just a matter of course, but even the best HR Manager has her limits.


She thinks she’s looking for love, or at least companionship, or… okay, maybe just descent sex, but like most of us homo-sapiens, she’s fooling herself. Melie knows her life is lacking something, but she’s not going to find it in the man from her daily subway commute, who she calls Ponytail Man because she finds his hair attractive, and who turns out to be a slug.  She thinks She thinks she might find it with Ted, the guy she spends weekends in the country with, but he says he doesn’t do relationships.


As she ponders her non-relationship with Ted, problems at work keep her hopping. Melie has a big secret that could be her undoing if revealed in the ongoing company-wide background checks, her boss is murdered and everyone is suspect, including her, her new supervisor is sexually harassing her, and demands are flying at her from every direction. It all unfolds in a final meltdown of hilarious proportions and a happily ever after worthy of any good romance novel.

Dream Job will keep you smiling and perhaps even invoke a few chuckles. A thoroughly entertaining read. I give Dream Job: Wacky Adventures of an HR Manager five quills. Five Quills3