“Chasing the Trickster” can be rather tricky

In April Grey’s Chasing the Trickster, nothing is as it seems. This book brings old world Celtic archetypes into a modern day world with surprising and sometimes confusing results. Two women are one, and one man is actually two, or at least one man and a fertility god. The more that is explained the less that makes sense as the story switches back and forth from past to present until the two finally intertwine to knit together all the pieces of two stories into the one that they were all along. But, that doesn’t end it, because the end is a new beginning and we have to go back to the beginning to understand the end.
Although alternating perspective from first to third person is a bit disconcerting, Grey’s main characters are larger than life and her supporting characters are interesting and colorful. Nina, a gifted photographer whose spirit visions show up in her photographs; Pascal, who shares his physical body with an ancient fertility god; Linda, who has lost everything that is dear to her – they are all chasing the Trickster without knowing it, and the chase won’t end until he catches them. Through Grey’s clearly drawn settings the chase takes readers on a journey from the city streets of New York, New York to the arid deserts of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Trickster is mischievous and doesn’t care who gets hurt carrying out his will. Is it possible for each of them to find a happy ending at the end of the chase? Only when past and present meet will the answers be discovered.