Calling All Bakers! Announcing My Second Annual Virtual Cookie Exchange

This is a cool idea for those of us whose creativity comes out in the kitchen, as well as on the page. I’m haven’t baked in years, but I know several of you who do. What a grand way to celebrate the Christmas season.

Staci Troilo

Ciao, amici! Last year, I got the idea for a holiday cookie recipe swap. But I got it kind of late, so participation was a little low. Six bakers fit it into their schedules, and we got tons of comments (and compliments and downloads) by readers. Many of you said you’d have loved to participate but didn’t have enough notice.

Consider yourself notified.

In early December, I’ll be hosting my second annual cookie exchange. The first was fun. Let’s make the second FABULOUS.

Many cookies freeze beautifully, so maybe you’re beginning your holiday baking now. Or perhaps, like me, you refuse to embrace Christmas until Thanksgiving is over (because autumn) and won’t bake until December rolls around. Either way, community members want your recipes!

Like last year, when I bake this year, I’m going to take photos of the steps as I go, then (of course) I’ll take a picture…

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    Thank you for the reblog!

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