Book Review: Canadian Werewolf in New York

When I picked up Canadian Werewolf in New York, by Mark Leslie, I must admit, I had visions of one of my favorite werewolf movies. But Leslie’s wolf isn’t one plagued by the spirits of his victims, as are the American versions. It was a pleasant surprise to find that I was wrong on that note.

Mark Leslie’s werewolf uses his more beastly senses like superpowers to come to the aid of the damsel in distress, making this story a cross between a pulp story and a werewolf cozy, as his writer turned wolf character goes about solving mysterious disappearances for the woman he loves, and fighting crime in a classic hero’s journey. Quite entertaining.

A Canadian Werewolf in New York

His main character, Michael, is a Canadian writer, trying to make it in the big apple, but of course he’s also a werewolf. The appearance of his old flame asking for his help finding out what her fiance is up to throws him into a mystery, calling his sleuthing skills into play. At the same time, there’s another wolf in town, and he must use all of his heightened wolf senses to sniff out his rival and protect the girl.

As an author, I know it can be very effective to use the senses to help put the reader in the story, but I also know it can be tricky writing in details of the senses other than those we use and think about most. But, Leslie has managed to skillfully craft in and use the sense of smell throughout this tale, taking the reader on an olfactory adventure like none I’ve had before. Brilliant!

I listened to this tale in the audio book form, and I must say that the narrator, Scott Overton, does a fantastic job, never once stumbling on difficult character nicknames like “Mr. Hyper-halitosis”. He also did a fabulous job with a Yorkshire accent and the female voice.

I truly enjoyed listening to Canadian Werewolf in New York. I found it fresh and entertaining, and I give it five quills.


Kaye Lynne Booth does honest book reviews on Writing to be Read in exchange for ARCs. Have a book you’d like reviewed? Contact Kaye at kayebooth(at)yahoo(dot)com.

6 Comments on “Book Review: Canadian Werewolf in New York”

  1. Hi Kaye, I don’t usually read books about werewolves as they are to bloody and violent. This one, however, sounds like a great read.

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  2. I think I should give it a read after reading your review book seems really interesting !

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    • I found it quite entertaining, Penny. You can’t help but like the character, who takes being a werewolf in stride and has learned to stash clothes in various places as emergency precautions for when the change comes over him. I do hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading and commenting. ☺️


  3. This series is not your typical destructive werewolf stories, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some dark, action packed moments but Michael is a normal guy, a pretty famous author who is experiencing his fair share of love and loss and is taking life one step at a time, when he has an unfortunate encounter that changes his life.
    His newly heightened senses and strength almost become his super power.

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    • Absolutely, Christopher. That it what makes it unique and unusual. I’m currently listening to book 5, “Lover’s Moon” on the Lover’s Moon podcast (for free), which is the origins story for Michael and Gail, and thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂


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