Roberta Writes – WordCrafter Book Blog Tours: Will Write For Wine & Stories I Stole From Lord Byron’s Bastard by Sara McBride

On Day 7 of the WordCrafter “Will Write For Wine” & “Stories I Stole From Lord Byron’s Bastard” Book Blog Tour, we’re over at “Roberta Writes”, where we have another inspirations guest post by author Sara W. McBride. Join us to learn about the inspiration behind her story “The Secret Vault” and learn more about her fabulous books!

Stories I Stole from Lord Byron’sBastard is a collection inspired by Venetian history. The fictional character, Alexis Lynn, wrote these stories in the novel Will Write for Wine by Sara W. McBride, but they are fun stand-alone adventures to be enjoyed with an excellent glass of Italian wine.


In addidtion, to the awesome guests posts, interview, and reviews at each tour stop, Sara is offerin a chance to win a digital copy of each book,Will Write For Wine&Stories I Stole From Lord Byron’s Bastard. Leave a comment and click on the link below to enter for a chance to win:

Inspiration for the story ‘The Secret Vault’ – Guest post by author Sara W. McBride

Image of Soave with Castle in background
Credit: Photo by Michael Martinelli on Unsplash

What inspired the story, “The Secret Vault?”

The story, “The Secret…

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