WordCrafter Book Blog Tours Presents Sara W. McBride and The Haunted Palazzo

Day 6 of the WordCrafter “Will Write for Wine” & “Stories I Stole From Lord Byron’s Bastard” Book Blog Tour finds us over at “Annette Rochelle Aben” with a lovely guest post by author Sara W. McBride about her inspiration for her story “The Haunted Palazzo”. Join us to learn more about this author and her wonderful books.

Annette Rochelle Aben

Stories I Stole from Lord Byron’s Bastard is a collection inspired by Venetian history. The fictional character, Alexis Lynn, wrote these stories in the novel Will Write for Wine by Sara W. McBride, but they are fun stand-alone adventures to be enjoyed with an excellent glass of Italian wine.

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Credit: Photo by Alessio Furlan on Unsplash

What inspired the story, “The Haunted Palazzo?”

This story was so much fun to write. I’ll confess a secret. It was originally a chapter in the book Will Write for Wine, but I pulled it out because it slowed down the pacing to have this crazy ghost-busting side-bar happen in the last few chapters. If you read Will Write for Wine and you think, “Wait a minute. What happened to the idea of Alexis and Jennifer spending a night in a haunted palazzo?” Then this…

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