#Blogtour – Day 4 of the In the Silence of Words Three-Act Play Blog Tour

Day 4 of the WordCrafter “In the Silence of Words” Book Blog Tour finds us over at Roberta Writes with a guest post by author Cendrine Marrouat. Join us and find out what attracts her about the play format and the poetry style that this play is based on.

Today I am delighted to host Cendrine Marrouat with her Three-Act Play, In the Silence of Words as part of her WordCrafter book blog tour.

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‘In the Silence of Words’: A Behind-the-Scene Look by Cendrine Marrouat

When I started my artistic career in 2005, I knew I wanted to be more than just a poet.

Theatre has always fascinated me. I studied many plays in high school and at university. One of
the first things I realized is that theatre is an excellent genre to delve into difficult topics. The
best playwrights have mastered the “show, not tell” approach. They sprinkle clues everywhere
and force you to pay attention to details, so you can read between the lines and infer the overall
meaning when needed.

In 2006, I was in the…

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