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We’re a little tardy in getting the Day #2 stop out to you. We lost it temporarily. So for Day #2 of the “Feral Tenderness” Book Blog Tour, you’ll find us over at Pictures from the Kitchen Window, with Barbara Spencer as she brings us an interview with author and poet, Arthur Rosch. Please drop by and join in the fun.

Pictures From The Kitchen Window

Arthur Rosch – poet extraordinaire.

I haven’t met Arthur Rosch. He is from California and me, from a tiny corner of the UK. Never mind about that – just look at the image above! Wow! If that doesn’t get you reading what will? It certainly did me and when I remember the fun I had hosting guests on my site – although they were all authors – I thought it was time I undertook a new journey and one likely to prove equally an inspiration.

A journey with poetry.

Philistine is the word I would use to describe my knowledge of poetry but other words come to mind too – total envy plus a heartfelt wish that I could manipulate words in such a way that a line of maybe five words has the same relevance as an entire page in a book.

And so my own journey begins with…

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