Glimpsing the Wanekia by Jeff Bowles ~ Spirits of the West Anthology

Day #6 of the “Spirits of the West” book blog tour finds us over at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo, where we get a glimpse into the mind of Jeff Bowles, and the thoughts behind his story, “Wenekia”. Please join us.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Spirits of the West are often found in unexpected places.  They can be found in a saloon in Colorado territory, on a wagon train in the plains of South Africa, or on a distant planet in another galaxy. They can be the bringers of revenge or the protectors of the weak. Indulge yourself in eight paranormal stories with western spirit in Spirits of the West…

 Spirits of the West is available via or Amazon UK.

Glimpsing the Wanekia

Jeff Bowles

Ever since I was little, I had the sense there was another world lurking beyond this one. That if you could just peel back the shaggy off-colored wallpaper of reality, you could glimpse another universe entirely, one that might or might not have your best interests at heart.

I wrote Wanekia about twelve years ago, when I was just starting to get my feet under me as…

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