“Gunslinger”: The old west with trolls, dwarves, dragons and ghosts galore


Gunslinger, by Edward J. Knight manages to combine two of my favorite genres, western and fantasy, into an adventure I won’t soon forget. Six guns, swords or sorcery, no weapon is off limits in this fantasy western landscape. And of course, there are a wide variety of villains to fight off, and Beth isn’t your typical female in the story world of Gunslinger created by Knight.

Taught by Wild Bill Hickock, she shoots like Calamity Jane, and sees her ghost. When an Arapohoe Indian spirit leads Beth and her friends on a quest to stop a dragon from wiping out the army outposts, will her gun be enough to stop the beast? Add dwarves being guided by an angry ghost who is out for revenge, hostile Indians and and a ghost guide with a personal agenda and you have a western fantasy adventure of the highest caliber.

Gunslinger is full of surprises and quite entertaining. I give it four quills.

Four Quill Rating

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2 Comments on ““Gunslinger”: The old west with trolls, dwarves, dragons and ghosts galore”

  1. Val Amant says:

    I prefer REAL adventures, drama, call it what you will. I watched a western movie where the bad guy forced the little girl to inadvertently shoot and kill her father. Years later she hunts him down and blows him away, she a trained gunslinger. The story takes your soul on a ride that surpasses what dragons, ghosts and vampires cannot even begin to touch. I consider all that stuff escapism where the REAL world addresses the pain, passion, purity and power of living.

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting Val. “The Quick & the Dead” is one of my favorite contemporary western movies, and it is a very moving story. This book is a cross genre, although an unusual combination.


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