“Hollywood Game Plan” Prepares Upcoming Screenwriters to Hit the Ground Running


More than any other industry, the film making arena is a world where connections are everything and success may depend on who you know. Breaking in takes persistence, determination, and maybe even a dash of creativity.  Oh, and talent helps, too.

Hollywood Game Plan, by Carole Kirschner, is a must read for anyone trying to break in to the entertainment business. This book gives you the lowdown on what jobs there are in both the creative and the production areas and tells what it takes to land each position, all the way to the top of the Industry.

Much of the advice found within its pages, basic things like being on time, working hard, dressing appropriately, or listening and following directions, could apply to any industry. But, it also contains tips and tricks that are Industry specific to the world of film making, and pays heed to the rules of Hollywood etiquette, which should never be broken unless you’re trying to commit career suicide. From how to use your Industry contacts to move your way up the ladder, to when it is appropriate to seek out advice or assistance from higher-ups. Among the list of cardinal rules not to be broken are:

  • Start at the bottom and work your way up – everybody has to pay their dues.
  • Be willing to do any chore your boss requires, even the most menial, or most nerve racking, tasks with a smile.
  • Never talk badly about an employer, even if he’s the boss form hell.
  • You’re going to get fired. Everyone gets fired. Don’t take it personal. Move on.
  • Be nice to people. You never know who may turn out to be a future boss.
  • Network, network, network. Keep a record of contacts and follow-up appropriately on all.
  • Work for free, if you can afford to, and do the best job possible. You never know where it could lead.
  • Work harder than anyone else and anticipate your employer’s needs.

Hollywood Game Plan helps you create a solid plan for launching your career as a screenwriter, even if you must begin in a job other than the one you aspire to. This book outlines the step by step approach to laying the groundwork for your new career, from honing your resume and crafting a solid cover letter, to landing that first job, making preparations to make the move to L.A., to working your way up the Hollywood creative or production ladders, and into your dream job.

I give Hollywood Game Plan four quills.         Four Quills3


Kaye Lynne Booth does honest book reviews on Writing to be Read, and she never charges for them. Have a book you’d like reviewed? Contact Kaye at kayebooth(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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