“Cogling”: A Delightful Steampunk Journey


As my introduction to the steampunk genre and I must say I found Cogling, by Jordan Elizabeth a pleasing surprise. The story telling is strong, descriptions vivid, and characters who are realistic and likeable. Elizabeth has created a magical fantasy world in which readers are drawn in and easily immersed.

When Edna’s younger brother Harrison is stolen by hags and replaced with an enchanted mechanical replica, or cogling, Edna will stop at nothing to get him back. She enlists the help of a pickpocket street boy, Ike, who has knowledge of the hags and a few secrets, to aide her in her quest.  Ike’s not the only one with secrets, for Edna harbors a secret of her own, one she’s afraid to admit, even to herself.

In their efforts to free Edna’s brother, they uncover a plot to annihilate the humans and the race is on to expose the hags’ evil plot to the king. When they arrive at the castle, they learn that Mother Sambucus and the other hags have infiltrated the entire Royal Court with their wretched coglings. Edna, Ike and their friends are captured once more, with no recourse except escape, in order to bring down the hags and save the kingdom.

Jordan Elizabeth is a talented New York author, whose other works include Escape from Witchwood Hallow, Treasure Darkly, Born of Treasure, several short story anthologies, and her newest novel, Goat Children.

I give Coglings Four Quills.                   Four Quills3

3 Comments on ““Cogling”: A Delightful Steampunk Journey”

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