Bond Girl is an Unsuspected View of life on Wall Street

Bond Girl, the debut novel by Erin Duffy, is fresh and entertaining, offering readers a female take on the inner workings of the Wall Street scene. Since she was a young girl, Alex had known that she wanted to work on “the Street”, like her father. She knew that it wouldn’t be easy as a woman in the male dominated world of high finance, but she never dreamed that she would be sitting on a folding chair with no desk of her own, filling lunch orders, and buying $1000 wheels of cheese. Just when things begin to look up for her, 2008 rolls around and she watches her company turn topsy-turvey, trying to stay on top of a dying market. Alex is determined not to let them break her. She has always played the game her way, even when her male counterparts tried to make her play it theirs, but can she hold on without going down like the markets that are her job to anticipate? Alex Garrett is a bold and sassy heroine that you can’t help but like; a financier that follows her heart. Warm, funny and really quite an enjoyable read.

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