Readers strike it rich with “Rescue in Poverty Gulch”

Rescue in Poverty Gulch, by Cotopaxi author Nancy Oswald is a delightful trip back to Cripple Creek, Colorado in the 1890’s with eleven year old Ruby Oliver and her loveable, ice cream loving donkey, Maude. All of her life Ruby has traveled with her father, wandering the mountainous Colorado wilderness until they came to Cripple Creek, where they must settle a spell. Ruby is enrolled in school for the first time ever, setting off a chain of events that has Ruby in trouble every time she blinks and has readers chuckling at the precarious situations that she and Maude find themselves in. When real trouble strikes, Ruby proves that she has grown up courage and love that knows no bounds. This is one story that will keep readers, young and old smiling all the way through.

2 Comments on “Readers strike it rich with “Rescue in Poverty Gulch””

  1. Nancy Oswald says:

    Great review! In just a few words you captured so much of the book, adding the flavor of Cripple Creek with the title. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and write about Rescue in Poverty Gulch.


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