“Life, Death and Back” Review

Life, Death and Back, by Cynthia Vespia takes readers to realms they may never have considered before. Killed in an auto accident, Bryan Caleb isn’t ready to cross over to the other side. He has unfinished business here.  He is offered a chance to stay and be the guardian angel to Lisa Zane, who has made a life time of wrong choices and is now strung out on drugs and running with the wrong crowd. Bryan’s job is to save her, from herself and the rough crowd she’s fallen in with. How he does that, when Lisa refuses to believe that he is real, is nothing short of miraculous. But that’s not the end of the story, for Bryan. When his son, Kriticos takes a wrong path in life, Bryan is offered yet another chance at life, in order to steer his son away from the path of destruction he is on. His job this time, to change the path of his son’s life, to find the boy that he knows dwells within and brings him back into control. In the process, he discovers that his wife is dying, and he feels that he must help her cross over to the other side, even when he has been forbidden to reveal himself to her. What happens is an exciting journey, with a surprising ending that will make readers both laugh and cry.
This is an unbelievable story that takes readers through life and death and then back again.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I’m glad you enjoyed it!


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