Poetry Worth Noting

When I started this blog, on the Today.com site, I published a poem at the end of every post. It seemed to be something that readers liked, and I had many poems that weren’t doing anything else at the time, so I just made it a practice. I tried to use poetry that fit in with the subject matter, and soon ran out of things that I had already written that fit. So, I found myself trying to write poems on the fly that would fit in with my posts. Some of those poems were okay, some were my worst attempts at poetry, but most were not really worth noting. However, there were two poems that I published on that site that were definitely worth noting. I was not the author of either one.
The first was written by a young man, named Brandon Boyd. He is the son of one of my oldest and dearest friends, and his poetry has depth for one so young. He now has a Facebook page dedicated to his poetry, which caqn be viewed at: I was proud to publish this poem by this as yet, undiscovered poet.

The Sands of Time
The sun once again breaks the horizon,
With the ball of fire my hopes begin risin.
The past is far gone and future is near,
My once foggy mind is starting to clear.

The cold wind blows but worse pain has been felt,
A new beginning and new cards have finally been dealt.
Grit my teeth at the past lettin go is a war,
But it’s time to look forward, rekindle the core.

Takin steps on each path with each step comes a choice,
Must not follow my instinct but only Gods voice.
Ill walk straight and narrow on my given path,
Nothin will stop me not even hells wrath.

The past is now gone into the depths of history,
What happens next in life is simply a mystery.
Each memory passes into the sands of time,
Never felt better I’m back in my prime.

The day is done the sun falls into night,
Awaiting tomorrow’s promising light.
My body falls asleep but my mind has awaken,
God with me through all I’m never forsaken.

-Brandon Boyd-

The other poem was written by a lady that I never even met. My husband was taking a creative writing class and had shared something about our son, who died two years ago, and his dog. I don’t even know what it was that he shared, but it inspired one of his classmates to write this lovely poem that just brought me to tears. She wrote it about our son and his dog, based on what my husband had said. I knew who it was about before I ever knew the story behind it. With her permission, I published this exceptional poem and would like to reprint it here.


when the air is brisk
and the breeze cool,
a presence is felt
and he invites me to dance with him

when i remember his smile
i swirl around to find him
he teases me, ready to play
and he invites me to dance with him

when i jump and run
along the mountain, my stage
i laugh and sing
and i invite him to dance with me

when we sprint down the hill,
wind whips through our coats
we fall into the yard
and we invite you to dance with us

when we call your name
and you don’t even answer
we continue to play
and we invite you to dance with us

look a little closer
at what you think you cant see
because we are here waiting
and we invite you to dance with us

Elizabeth Sansone

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