Thoughts on the Publishing Process

I recently learned that my agent is actively talking with an interested publisher about my Heather Hummingbird book. I realize that doesn’t guarantee that I will be published, but it thrills me just to know that someone is even considering publishing my children’s book. It’s one step closer to having it published than I’ve ever been before, the illustrations are coming along, and I am elated about the progress that has been made.

I never knew how exciting creating a book could be. It’s really quite exciting, and I behave just like a kid on Christmas, about each illustration that has been presented. I have been about as patient as a kid waiting for Christmas, too. My illustrator probably has wanted to strangle me at times, as she read my incessant e-mails, “When will you be done with the next one?”; “How is it going?”; “How long?”; “Are we there yet?”; “Are we there yet?”; “Are we there yet?”.  Not only is she extremely patient and understanding, she is a talented illustrator, and each illustration that she produces makes the anticipation well worth it. Her name is Aidana WillowRaven, owner of WillowRaven Illustration and Design Plus. She is also incredibly creative in marketing, making items with her illustrations on them. She designed a mug and a magnet with the opening illustration for Heather, which can be viewed and purchased at the following websites:

I guess all I’m really trying to say though, is that I am enjoying the ride, on this new and unexplored, (at least by me), territory that’s end result will be a published book. I am learning a lot about the publishing process. I didn’t realize how long everything takes to be completed. I didn’t realize how long it would take to illustrate a book, once it was written; or that it would probably take two years, once you have a publisher, for your work to come to completion, in the form of an actual book that people can buy. There is a lot more to it than I realized at first. I know that I will learn more as I go, and I’m looking forward to seeing this project through.

One Comment on “Thoughts on the Publishing Process”

  1. Diane_Amy says:

    Fantastic that you have an agent! And now that agent is talking to publishers! What a wild, wonderful ride. Best of luck to you!


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