“From the Spleen of Fiery Dragons”, by Mishka Zacharin

Here is another review that was originally posted on the Today.com site. A unique collection of poetry that delves into this very unique poet. Enjoy.

"From the Spleen of Fiery Dragons", by Mishka Zacharin


“From the Spleen of Fiery Dragons” by Mishka Zahkarin
I truly enjoyed some of the poetry included in this anthology by Mishka Zahkarin, as poetry is one of my favorite genres. The poetry included in “From the Spleen of Fiery Dragons” is unique and unusual, ranging from beautiful love sonnets, reminiscent of Shakespeare, to the truly bizarre and disturbing. Obviously, Zahkarin’s talent runs the gamut of poetic form and style, with some rhyming and some not, but most speaking of the bleak existence of one who searches for more, but doesn’t really expect to find it, (which is kind of depressing), intermixed with the poetry of love, (or at least, lust), that takes you aback and makes you draw in breath:

In Our Place
In waking dreams,
she comes to me…
I see passion in her eyes—
believe it the tempest of a kiss…
I feel her touch,
The urgency of her embrace,
                  flesh to flesh,
minds and bodies intermingling…
the inferno of our desires
rampaging unchecked,
each’s essence surging
through the other,
as if two souls
                might soar as one…

Humor finds a place within Zahkarin’s works, as well, leaving no choice but to chuckle:

MEAT! (reprise)
I told her we should pork—
but she said not to give her any beef…
I said she was only acting chicken—
but she told me: “Go fish!”
(I haven’t got any nines…)

The poetry of Mishka Zahkarin is rich and varied, and definitely worth reading. It reminded me of all the reasons that I love to write poetry: the freedom it allows; the structure it offers; the fun of playing with words that it offers… In The Spleen of Fiery Dragons, it is evident that each and every poem, whether you like them or not, is written straight from the inner fire of his being; emotion and feeling pouring forth. His small anthology was very enjoyable and I would recommend it to poetry lovers from all backgrounds, as there seems to be a little something in there for everyone.

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